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We are living in the age of the biotechnological (r)evolution

          At the dawn of the Anthropocene epoch

Amidst the chaos of current global politics

          What does it really mean to be human in these uncertain times?

Cathrine Disney           

Critical artist, designer and creative researcher exploring the blurring boundaries and entangled relationship between materials, emerging technologies and the human species.

Creating emotive narratives of present, near and far futures, her curiosity to unravel the complexities of our existence and to find ways of living in entanglement with other species and the planet raises important questions about the ways in which we live in our contemporary consumer society.


Bringing important conversations about our relationship to food, the global food crisis and the social, political and environmental context of food and its provenance to the table.


Rage Against The Denial Machine is the first campaign from grassroots activist group, INEXORABLE, created by Cathrine Disney and Davide Piscitelli.


Set in the year 2100, this dystopian speculative textiles project is based on the disastrous effects of global warming.

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