Cathrine Disney




We are living in the age of a biotechnological (r)evolution

At the dawn of the Anthropocene

Amidst the chaos of
global politicals

What does it mean to be human in these uncertain times?

Cathrine Disney           

Critical artist, designer, creative researcher and writer exploring the blurring boundaries and entangled relationship between materiality, emerging technologies and the human species.

With a deep curiosity to unravel the complexities of our existence, her work investigates the intersection of transformative pedagogies, disability, feminist technoscience, queer arts, spiritual activism and eco-colonialism.

An audiovisual created for ‘The End Of The World’ - installation and performance art piece commissioned by non:agency exploring the entanglements between the human and non-human in the colonial race to Mars, unravelling the complexity of exploitation in the consumer/producer relationship that binds together the human being, the biting midge, the cacao tree and capitalism.


An immersive plant-based super club bringing important conversations about our relationship to food, the global food crisis and the social, political and environmental context of food and its provenance to the table.


Investigating the sensualities of meat eating from the perspective of a vegan with an insatiable desire for meat. Through an exploration of sin and eroticism, guilt and desire, and pleasure and pain, the project intends to satisfy the visceral temptations of meat eating by evoking the sensory pleasures of meat easting.