Cathrine Disney




Desires of the Flesh


As a vegan, how can I morally indulge in my insatiable desire for meat?

The question of meat is perhaps one of the most contested topics of our generation.

As a human, despite being perhaps the only species with the capacity to reason, many of us continue to assume that meat is something we don’t have to think about as a moral issue.
However, with such vast amounts of information now available, ignorance is no longer an option and the ethics of where and how our products are made is beginning to cause conflict between our desires and the conscious moral decisions we must make.
Desires Of The Flesh is an exploration into the sensualities around why we crave the experience of meat eating in the hope to satisfy these visceral temptations.

If we cannot morally indulge in the literal act of meat eating, perhaps through an exploration of the sin and eroticism of indulging in meat eating and by celebrating it through vegan principles, we might be able to achieve gratification without the associated guilt and shame.

Each artefact: Skin, Bone and Flesh, are playful vegan alternatives that imitate the material qualities of meat and explore the imbalance between desire and guilt through the notion of taboo and fetish.

They exist within a narrative that places the meat-craving vegan in a kink setting where the vegan is permitted to indulge in their meat fetish, to evoke the pleasures of meat eating, without eating meat.

The project intends to engage the viewer with an alternative perspective on meat eating and to question our intuitive desires and morals to provoke debate around the question of meat. Through an exploration of the sin and eroticism of indulging in meat eating and by celebrating it rather than shaming it, perhaps we can redefine our notion of meat and transition into a more sustainable, healthy and non-violent era of meat eating.

Photography: Tom Mannion