Cathrine Disney




Revolting Vegans


An immersive plant-based  supper club
Revolting Vegans brings important conversations about our relationship to food, the global food crisis and the social, political and environmental context of food and its provenance to the table.
Founded in 2018 by Anjli Vyas and Cathrine Disney, Revolting Vegans is a disruptive plant based movement exploring all contexts of the word ‘revolting’ in playful combinations as we strive for a more delicious future.

The act of sharing food, dining together and conversing across the table provides a space where challenging ideas and opposing ideologies can be shared and understood. We aim to create space to bring activists, experts, critical thinkers and creatives together to traverse some of humanity's greatest challenges.

We are living in uncertain times, but by coming together through food, our most basic human need, and breaking bread, we create family, rebuild communities, encourage positive identities and find a sense of home that allows us to create, innovate, sustain and thrive.

Revolting Vegans is founded on principles of truth, growth & unity to create, redefine & sustain in our approach to practice. We exist to stimulate debate and open up a dialogue to provoke thought, curiosity and an inner exploration.

Using food as our artistic medium, we empower you to find truth within yourself, to find home, create community and to continue to share, to learn and to educate with compassion, empathy and a deeper tolerance.

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