Cathrine Disney




The Age of...?


A Process Exhibtion at Form/Design Center, Malmö
The Age of…? is the first of two exhibitions in the project and shows the design processes where the designers explore different future scenarios through speculative design.
A two-year research project where 8 international design studios are working with the planet Mars as a projection plane for critique and speculation to create spaces for discussion and debate about what it means being human on Earth today.
As a response to environmental decay and increasing material scarcity on Earth, scientists and the space industry are investing in the potential of asteroid mining, planetary engineering and in-space manufacturing to meet the demands of our growing population.
Much of the research and development today is primarily human-centered, very little has been done to consider the potential ecological impact on this unknown environment of Mars. Is it easier for humans to imagine life on Mars than to change our destructive behavior on Earth?
At the same time, a growing understanding of that we as humans are not exceptional beings but rather fully entangled and dependent on other species, renders the urgency of our own extinction clear.

What if focus would shift from exploiting space, just as we have exploited Earth, to develop more sustainable lifestyles in mutualistic symbiosis with other species? What can we learn, or perhaps unlearn, by imagining and designing for multispecies life on Mars?

The agents: Mariah Wright (USA), Cathrine Disney (UK), Nonhuman Nonsense (SE), Pleoforma (USA), Thomas Pausz (FR), Frederik Deschuytter (BE) & Pleun van Dijk (NL), Wang & Söderström (SE), Agi Haines (UK)