Cathrine Disney




The End of The World


‘The End Of The World’ is an installation and performance art piece exploring the entanglements between the human and non-human in the colonial race to Mars, unravelling the complex structures of exploitation in a consumer/producer relationship that binds together the human being, the biting midge, the cacao tree and capitalism.

Commissioned by non:agency
Sound by Jack Armitage

In our exploitative, unsustainable, anti-democratic, capitalist, consumerism-driven society, the rise of economic inequality, escalating climate crisis and erosion of human and non-human rights across the world, makes way for an inconspicuous utopian vision to inhabit Mars.

The current state of our dehydrated, exhausted and suffocating planet cannot be determined as the fault of the entire human species, but that of a single class of humans; ‘the 1%’. They are the colonisers; the kings of vertical integration; the masters of oligopoly and political corruption. To be colonised means to be disconnected and disintegrated from ancestry and land based knowledge.
We are living in the age of entanglements. Whether we consciously acknowledge the powers at play or not, multiple species are enmeshed in ways that can not be unbound. We can untangle the knots, but we will forever be entwined by the same thread.
“We require each other in unexpected collaborations and combinations, in hot compost piles. We become-with each other or not at all”
                               - Donna Harraway